Trova l'esperienza che fa per te

The Foliage Train

An unforgettable journey through autumn colours

Ponte Brolla - Tegna

Dalle gole di Ponte Brolla alle rovine del Castelliere di Tegna

Piana Di Vigezzo–Colma Di Toceno

Arriving at Colma di Fuori, you are met with picture postcard scenery

Val Grande National Park

Un endroit véritablement magique dans lequel la nature s’épanouit sans aucune contrainte. La superficie de 15 000 hectares est protégée des montagnes

Saturday market in Domodossola

A must for anyone who likes shopping and handicrafts and is not averse to culinary delights

Trontano, Parpinasca and Valgrande

Three stages for getting to know the history, countryside and rural customs

Domodossola and Vagna

This route takes you through superb countryside and invites you to discover rural life

Masera and its hamlets

An area bathed in sunshine that gives off a sense of harmony with nature and the surrounding agricultural land

"Sentieri e Pensieri"course

The 26 posts, distributed in the centre of Santa Maria Maggiore and in the two villages of Crana and Buttogno