On board with Ajla!

At the starting blocks the collaboration between FART SA and Ajla Del Ponte, united to cross national and continental borders!

From today the Ticino athlete Ajla Del Ponte will be able to count on a new partner: Ferrovie Autolinee Regionali Ticinesi. A relay race born to further promote the Centovalli and its historical railway in the world!

The month of November 2020 will be the starting point of a new, special partnership between the athlete Ajla Del Ponte and Ferrovie Autolinee Regionali Ticinesi. Particular attention will be paid to the Vigezzina-Centovalli Railway, which is so internationally appreciated that Lonely Planet has included it among the most beautiful railways in the world. Ajla Del Ponte, thanks to the amazing results obtained which also earned her the nomination as Swiss athlete of the year and her growing fame outside the national borders, will therefore also bring with her some of the Centovalli and her historical railway.

For Ajla this partnership has above all an emotional value: "I am very proud to be able to contribute to bringing the image of the Centovalli to the world. I am very attached to my region and to Centovallina, which always accompanies me on my study trips to Lausanne".

A binomial that has therefore been present for a long time, since the 24-year-old girl began her studies in Lausanne, trips on the trains of the Vigezzina-Centovalli Railway have become part of her routine: every week, on board the train, Ajla studies, relaxes and rearranges her ideas in view of her school and sports commitments. A bond dictated by the needs of the athlete but which has resulted in the pleasure of travelling along a beautiful route in every season. A bond that is now also an opportunity for mutual growth.

New website

The first tangible result of the union between Ferrovia Vigezzina-Centovalli and Ajla del Ponte was the publication of the new website www.ajladelponte.ch, developed by the marketing department to offer a concrete contribution to the talented athlete's career. A young, fresh and easy to use website that will allow Ajla to interact better and more easily with her fans and athletics enthusiasts.

Great challenges coming soon

Ajla Del Ponte's 2021 promises to be full of great events: "It will undoubtedly be an important year in Ajla's career, and we are ready to support her in the best possible way" says Claudio Blotti, director. He adds that "pandemic permitting, next season will be full of great commitments, with the peak of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, events that will represent a great opportunity for us to make ourselves known to the general public, thanks to a partnership strongly focused on social media and other media collaborations".

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