10 August - 'The Swing Era'

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    All the year
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On Saturday 5 August at 5.30 p.m. at the Cinema Teatro Comunale in Santa Maria Maggiore, the conference ...E non chiamatelo "trenino"! The hundred years of the Vigezzina.

Among the various conferences that are scheduled during the year of celebrations, ...E non chiamatelo "trenino"! (And don't call it "little train"!) stands out as a moment of narration and encounter on the characters and events that have affected the infrastructure in the past years. The intention is to explore the important social role that the Vigezzina-Centovalli Railway has assumed over the years for the local population, remaining for a long time the only means of public transport capable of making an otherwise isolated territory accessible (except by road), with consequent positive influences on the lifestyle of the valley dwellers and on the constantly growing tourist flows.

After the welcome address by the Mayor of Santa Maria Maggiore, Claudio Cottini, the panel of speakers, moderated by Maurizio De Paoli, will include interventions by Prof. Silvano Ragozza (The train of freedom), geologist Vincenzo Coccolo (The train of rebirth) and Engineer Daniele Corti, the Railway's managing director, who will discuss a railway that looks to the future. Some testimonies from the audience will emphasise particular aspects of the railway's role, including border crossings and tourism.

During the conference, Maestro Roberto Bassa will play a piece of music on the piano, composed on the occasion of the railway's inauguration. For information: centenario.ssif@gmail.com.