Sunday 14.05.2023: Mother's Day with the historic train

  • Duration:
    8 hours
  • When:
  • Suitable for: All

A festive day travelling through time in a breathtaking landscape

When boarding the historic train, one is catapulted into an atmosphere of times gone by. The train runs between Locarno and Camedo at a maximum speed of 40 km per hour, offering passengers a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape.

Once in Camedo, each exit offers new emotions thanks to the themed experiences offered in the old train depot.

For Mother's Day, in addition to a bar corner, musical entertainment and fun activities for children, it will be possible to taste and buy local products.


Travel times - Morning
Locarno > Camedo 10.00 - 10.57
Camedo > Locarno 12.05 - 12.55

Travel times - Afternoon
Locarno > Camedo 14:13 - 15:07
Camedo - Locarno 15:56 - 16:46

Prices (round trip)

  • Adults
    CHF 28.-
  • Children (6-16 years) / dogs
    CHF 14.-
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