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Replacement buses between Locarno and Intragna

From 6 September to 27 November 2021, night-time track replacement works will be carried out between Cavigliano and Intragna. During the period affected by the works, regional trains will be replaced every day by bus service between Locarno and Intragna, in both directions, from 9 p.m. until the end of operation. The bus will stop along the cantonal road at the temporary stops that will be installed for the purpose.

Provisions on entry into Switzerland / Italy

Type of travel GreenPass Form to be filled in More information
Entering Switzerland from Italy Obligatory Yes
Entry into Italy from Switzerland
WITH GreenPass
Obligatory yes, with the following exceptions:
  • transit from Switzerland to Switzerland with a maximum stay in Italy of 36 hours
  • travel for study, work
Link for filling out the form.  
Safe travel


A GreenPass is not required for the following exceptions:

  1. cross-border workers
  2. study and business trips
  3. transit from Switzerland to Switzerland (entering and leaving Italy within 36 hours)

Entry into Switzerland from Monday 20 September 2021

  1.  A COVID certificate is now required to enter Switzerland. The rule applies regardless of the means of transport used to enter Switzerland. Unvaccinated travellers must therefore take a negative test with them when crossing the border and present it during controls.
  2. The completion of an entry form, which was previously only required for entry by air, is now again compulsory for all persons entering Switzerland, regardless of vaccination status, country of origin and means of transport. All contact details are recorded on an electronic registration form:
  3. They are exempt from the obligation to complete the test and the form: Persons crossing Switzerland non-stop; persons transporting goods or persons in a professional capacity, as well as cross-border commuters. Children under 16 are also exempt from the test requirement.

Effects of the new regulations on transport companies:

The control of compliance with the entry regulations is not the responsibility of the TU. Exceptions are air carriers and bus companies for long-distance travel. These must check their passengers' COVID certificates and entry forms before departure. 
The Federal Customs Administration (FCA) and the locally competent police units carry out risk-based checks in all cross-border modes of transport.
Cross-border deployment of staff

Staff who transport passengers or goods across borders as part of their professional activity are exempt from these provisions (see Art. 9a of the Ordinance).
Information for customers

Information to customers (e.g. announcements, website information, online timetable, etc.) must be provided by the TU.
TUs must also be able to provide customers with a paper enrolment form if requested and prior to enrolment.

If a 'missing' certificate or enrolment form is found during a random check, a fine may be imposed.

So we protect ourselves on public transport

Protection measures change according to the referred national territory