Palazzo Tondü

The Palazzo Tondü is one of the most interesting historic buildings in the valley. It was constructed in the mid-seventeenth century. Myths and facts about the two young chimney sweeps Andrea and Antonio Tondü are mixed up with the history of its development. According to the legend, they were both adopted in around 1630 by a wealthy family in Parma, after their father suffered a tragic accident that made them orphans. Their new family – as the story goes – cared for them both, enabled them to study, and ultimately left them part of its fortune. It is not known whether all this actually occurred in this way. One thing is certain: the Tondü family gained their riches in the duchy of Parma and then brought this back to their home village of Lionza, where they built a palace for the family.

The Palazzo Tondü has been placed under monumental protection by the canton of Ticino and is currently being restored. The plan is to construct a multifunctional hotel building.

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