A railway (still) in the top ten!

05 April 2022

Reconfirmed among the 10 most spectacular railways in Europe

The new guidebook published by Lonely Planet, the world's number one travel guide publisher, once again confirms the scenic value of the historic railway line linking Locarno and Domodossola, listing it among the 10 most beautiful train travel experiences in Europe.

Lonely Planet's Guide to Train Travel in Europe, published in February 2022, offers readers a new way to enjoy the beauty of Europe's landscapes, highlighting the sustainability of the train as a means of transport and the relaxation of a journey in which the landscape never ceases to enchant.

Covering Europe from north to south, the guide stops off between Switzerland and Italy, crowning the Vigezzina-Centovalli Railway among the 10 most beautiful travel experiences in Europe. Quoting an extract from the guide:

"Almost all journeys in Switzerland promise breathtaking scenery, and on several routes the trains travel slowly just to show off the mountains, rivers and lakes that can be seen from the window.
Travelling between Locarno in Switzerland and Domodossola in Piedmont, the Centovalli Railway is a short but scenic journey that takes in 52km of waterfalls, chestnut groves, villages with churches, deep gorges and vineyards."

After being included in the prestigious ranking drawn up by Lonely Planet in 2018, this further recognition confirms the spectacular nature of a railway line that connects two countries in just under two hours, crossing the Centovalli and the Vigezzo Valley, offering breathtaking scenery in every season and a wide range of experiences to discover an area rich in culture and traditions.

Photo: Switzerland Tourism - Rob Lewis