Music at high altitude

From 18 July 2021 to 18 July 2021

Once again in 2021 the magic of notes rises to the top

LORENZO DEL GRANDE, transverse flute
Irish and bass flute
LUCA MERCURIO, folk guitar and
Irish bouzouki
GIULIO PUTTI, Irish bodhràn, drum
Irish drum

The band not only reproduces the most typical sounds of Irish music, but interprets them, composing and producing their own 'fresh' and unique sound, experimenting and creating a mix of Mediterranean, Irish and jazz sounds. All this with a very informal approach, which aims to engage the
to engage the audience by creating a dance atmosphere with 'catchy' rhythms and 'elegant' themes that can be performed anywhere. Completing the line up is a big name on the national and international folk scene, Massimo Giuntini, master of the Irish bagpipes.
Massimo Giuntini is "THE" Italian master of Irish bagpipes who has been playing Celtic music for over thirty years.

Itinerary and notes
From the Vigezzina railway station in Trontano, take Via G. Verdi which climbs up towards the centre of the village; near the first bend, follow Via Ventriago (also indicated as "Antichi Mulini - Percorso a piedi"), which crosses the old part of the village and comes out among the fields. Follow the mule track down to an old bridge and the Graglia mills. From here continue along the mule track (which is paved in places) and, keeping to the right, pass under the railway bridge.
where, on the left, you take the path to Briasca.
The itinerary continues through the woods, passing a votive chapel near a dirt car park, and shortly afterwards leads to the meadows of the Briasca alp. Alternatively, you can follow the forest road from Verigo to the same car park, passing through terraced pastures with large chestnut trees and a beech wood.

Packed lunch
Alternatively, it is possible to use the
the refreshment services provided by the Consorzio Verigo
alpe Briasca. For info and bookings 345 9708849.

In the event of bad weather the concert will be cancelled.

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