A day by train and boat, from Lake Maggiore to Lake Thun.

  • Suitable for: All

The wonderful train and boat trip from the shores of Lake Maggiore to those of Lake Thun returns in spring 2024!

Locarno - Domodossola
Panoramic trains of the Vigezzina-Centovalli Railway

Sit back and relax as you discover a region packed with surprises on this slow journey. Climbing aboard our trains means enjoying a unique experience, coming into contact with a diverse landscape that features a succession of deep gorges, wild mountains, rivers and waterfalls.Unbridled nature, with characteristic little villages nestling here and there between the Centovalli and the Vigezzo Valley. A 52-km route spanning 2 countries, 83 bridges and 31 galleries in just under two hours.

Domodossola - Spiez
Trenino Verde delle Alpi of BLS

Through Val Divedro the train follows the Diveria river and runs the 19.8 km of the Simplon tunnel, which has connected Italy and Switzerland since 1906. Brig, framed by the Simplon Pass to the south, the Driest and Aletsch glaciers to the north and the imposing Stockalper Castle, is a pearl waiting to be discovered. The trip aboard the Trenino Verde delle Alpi (Lötschberger) continues up the Rhone Valley, along sunny hillsides. The train passes an altitude difference of 450 m before reaching Goppenstein, the gateway to the Lötschen Valley. From Kandersteg the journey leads to Frutigen via the "north ramp" of BLS. This route has a gradient of more than 27‰. The railway crosses a 1655 m spiral tunnel, dark tunnels and spectacular viaducts. Right before entering Frutigen, the Trenino Verde delle Alpi passes over the impressive Kander viaduct, the most photographed structure on the Lötschberg line, and then runs in front of the Tellenburg. From Frutigen, the route leads to Spiez.

Spiez - Thun
Boat trip

Lake Thun is nestled in a dreamlike alpine setting and surrounded by numerous cozy villages, as well as charming towns such as Thun and Spiez. A partly subtropical vegetation thrives on the sunny southern slopes. In Spiez Bay, dominated by a beautiful castle, there are hilly vineyards.A special tourist attraction is the twelve small Romanesque churches that stand all around the lake.

Free visit of Thun
Before enjoying the return journey you will have time to visit the romantic town and relax with a lunch by the lake. With its active old town, overlooked by an imposing castle, Thun is the gateway to the Bernese Oberland. The Aare flows through the pretty old town, the castle towers high above the historic buildings, the well-known four-thousand-metre peaks draw the eye into infinity and the lake is always present. In Thun, the Alpine town with its unmistakable charm, there is always excitement.

Back to Locarno
The return journey begins with the Trenino Verde delle Alpi with arrival in Domodossola. Before ending the journey towards Locarno you can relax in the enchanting setting of the market square or stroll along the streets of the village.

Programme - One-day variation

7:48 - 9:36 Locarno - Domodossola (Vigezzina-Centovalli RE 32)
9:58 - 10:32 Domodossola - Briga (RegioExpress 4866)
10:36 - 11:44 Briga - Spiez (RegioExpress 4266)
12:34 - 13:20 Spiez - Thun (Boat)
16:01 - 17:18 Thun - Briga (RegioExpress 4177)
17:22 - 17:54 Briga - Domodossola (RegioExpress 4877)
19:00- 20:46 Domodossola - Locarno (Centovalli Express PE 689)

Programme - Two-day variant

09:53 - 11:49 Locarno - Domodossola (Vigezzina-Centovalli RE 138)
15:58 - 16:32 Domodossola - Brig (RegioExpress 4878)
16:36 - 17:44 Brig - Spiez (RegioExpress 4278)
18:34 - 19:20 Spiez - Thun (boat)
14:01 - 15:18 Thun - Briga (RegioExpress 4173)
15:22 - 15:54 Briga - Domodossola (RegioExpress 4873)
17:25 - 19:19 Domodossola - Locarno (Vigezzina-Centovalli RE 181)
16:01 - 17:18 Thun - Briga (RegioExpress 4177)
17:22 - 17:54 Briga - Domodossola (RegioExpress 4877)
19:00 - 20:46 Domodossola - Locarno (Centovalli Express PE 689)

Prices and purchase information

The ticket (valid for two days) is only available in second class and includes the round trip Locarno - Spiez via Domodossola, with the Vigezzina - Centovalli Railway and the Green Train of the Alps, according to the official travel schedule. The ticket also includes the boat trip between Thun and Spiez. However, any panoramic supplement is not included.


  • Adults: 65 CHF
  • Children 6-16 years old: no special ticket, you can buy the 1-day travelpass for children at a cost of CHF 19
  • Children under 6 travel free
  • Junior Travelcard and Children’s Co-Travelcard are recognised along the entire route
  • For groups: Exclusively for groups, the trip is available on a one-way basis. For further information, please contact the marketing department.

Where to buy

  •  La Biglietteria FART in Locarno (T. +41 (0)91 7518731 -
  • SBB counters throughout Ticino
  • Online (only special ticket for adults - by selecting the Locarno - Domodossola route)
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