Lorenzo Peretti, Nature and Mystery

  • Duration:
    8 hours
  • Suitable for: All

Lorenzo Peretti, Nature and Mystery

Lorenzo Peretti, Nature and Mystery
Lorenzo Peretti (1871 - 1953). Nature and Mystery is the new exhibition organized by Collezione Poscio in the exhibition space of Casa De Rodis in Domodossola. The exhibition, curated by Elena Pontiggia, investigates for the first time organically the figure of Peretti, the most mysterious and unknown of the Vigezzo painters, framing him in the context of his time.

The exhibition includes about eighty works and traces the entire brief story of this singular artist ("a misanthropic character and an artist in the true sense," his master Enrico Cavalli said of him), who painted for only a dozen years, never exhibited in his life, and did not let anyone into his studio, so much so that his figure as a cultured intellectual, imbued with religious tension, was often mistaken for that of an alchemist in the odor of witchcraft


May 26 - October 26, 2024

Casa De Rodis Piazza Mercato 8 Domodossola (VB)

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