Find the best experience for you

Amazing Nature

A stone's throw from Locarno there is an earthly paradise waiting for you: it's called Centovalli.

Llama trekking

Would you like to give you children an unforgettable experience? Then why not plan a Llama Trekking?

Free audioguides on international trains

An ideal place to switch off and spend a day in a relaxed atmosphere

Star Trekking in the Centovalli

An original proposal for a walk on trails and mountain roads inspired by the stars

Monte Comino Cableway

A modern cableway, with a valley station that is located on the main street just 100 metres from Verdasio station, takes you up to Monte Comino.

Intragna–Pila–Costa cableway

The cableway is the ideal starting point for a variety of trips to areas of natural beauty in the Centovalli

Saturday market in Domodossola

A must for anyone who likes shopping and handicrafts and is not averse to culinary delights

Museo Comico and Casa del Clown

A visit that gives you a glimpse of a world where laughter and humour play the central role

Ponte Brolla - Tegna

From the Ponte Brolla gorge to the ruins of the Castelliere di Tegna