Trova l'esperienza che fa per te

The Foliage Train

An unforgettable journey through autumn colours

Winepress and mills route

The route combines history and nature, through small villages, across forests and along river

Via del Mercato from Re

You can embark on the Via del Mercato towards Camedo or in the opposite direction towards Masera from Re

Lago Maggiore Express

With just one ticket unforgettable excursion train boat

Termali Salini & Spa

An ideal place to switch off and spend a day in a relaxed atmosphere

Discovering Ascona

Known as the pearl of Lago Maggiore, Ascona is an exclusive Swiss holiday resort.

Museo Comico and Casa del Clown

A visit that gives you a glimpse of a world where laughter and humour play the central role

The three rivers trail

Isorno, Melezza and Maggia. A trip on the attractive regional river landscape.

Intragna–Pila–Costa cableway

The cableway is the ideal starting point for a variety of trips to areas of natural beauty in the Centovalli