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Castelli in aria, festival degli artisti di strada

Contemporary circus, aerial acrobatics, juggling, puppeteers, clowning, street bands, Pop-Folk music, percussionists, contemporary dance and Sufi dance performances, playful installations, workshops, exhibitions and great food. This is what the ninth edition of "castelli in aria "- Festival of Street Artists in Villette, in the Vigezzo Valley, province of Verbania, looks like on Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23, it will fill the village with the joy and lightness of street art.

Maggia River

Why not combine a panorama trip on board our trains with a pleasant river walk?

Traffic training course

Children can learn on roads and at junctions and roundabouts with road signs and road markings

The Museums of Santa Maria Maggiore

Three must-see stops at Santa Maria Maggiore!

Walk with donkeys

Nobody can resist the charm of Erica Bänziger’s loveable donkeys

Costa Pedemontana

The hike begins in Cavigliano and ends in Ponte Brolla. Not recommended in winter as the trails may be covered in ice.

"Sentieri e Pensieri"course

The 26 posts, distributed in the centre of Santa Maria Maggiore and in the two villages of Crana and Buttogno

Excursion to the Pizzo Ruscada

The hike, which takes around three-and-a-half hours, is demanding in places and is therefore only recommended for experienced and well-equipped hikers.

The lime kiln underneath the beeches

In the heart of the natural forest reserve of Palagnedra is an antique kiln in which lime was burned through the centuries