Swing the world

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Discovering the territory... swinging!

On the saddle of a swing that swings you on breathtaking views, in the midst of nature, kissed by the sun or intent on enjoying a sunset or, more simply, the company of a few friends.

Things that stay with you and that you will remember with pleasure, especially if you have immortalised them. Opportunities not to be missed if you are an excursion enthusiast eager to discover the top locations in the area.

Swing the World swings are now found in many corners of Ticino. Discover the three swings along the route of our railway!

Altalena Rasa Swingtheworld (Ferrovia Vigezzina Centovalli - ph. Sara Daepp) 2

Rasa - Centovalli

Does hiking in the mountains bring you joy? Are you looking for new destinations and places where time seems to stand still? Then the cableway from Verdasio to Rasa is a place where you can leave the hectic pace, traffic and daily life behind.

The journey takes just a few minutes but it is like travelling in time, with authentic places and magical countryside along the way.

The valley station of the Verdasio–Rasa cableway is situated next to Verdasio station.


Monti Aula - Centovalli

The location of Monti Aula is a half-hour walk from Monte Comino, which in turn is easily reached by cable car from Verdasio.

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Amazing Nature

Amazing Nature

A stone's throw from Locarno there is an earthly paradise waiting for you: it's called Centovalli.

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    8 hours
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