Trova l'esperienza che fa per te

The Museums of Santa Maria Maggiore

Three must-see stops at Santa Maria Maggiore!

Pilgrimage to Re

A perfect combination: spirituality, panoramic journey and nature

Guided tour of the Vigezzo Valley

Let yourself be accompanied by a local guide

Discovering the places of worship

Our railway line is full of important testimonies!

The circuit of the saints

A network of routes that encompasses the entire Vigezzo Valley

"Sentieri e Pensieri"course

The 26 posts, distributed in the centre of Santa Maria Maggiore and in the two villages of Crana and Buttogno

Museo Comico and Casa del Clown

A visit that gives you a glimpse of a world where laughter and humour play the central role

The emigrant chimney sweeps

A guided tour recounting the emigration of the chimney sweeps in the region

The Vigezzo Valley Museums

Let yourself be enchanted by the regional museums, small pearls that will project you into the history and traditions