The treasure of Craveggia

The parish church, which is dedicated to both St. Jacob and St. Christopher, houses a valuable treasure. Precious items have been collected here over the course of the centuries, which were purchased by the church or which came from donations by residents of Craveggia who had emigrated.

You will see liturgical robes made of expensive silk and embroidered with gold and silver, monstrances, chalices and crucifixes adorned with precious stones.

Artefacts originating from France are particularly worth a mention: the funeral mantle of Louis XIV, decorated with gold and silver as well as magnificent tapestries; a cope made from parts of the wedding dress of Marie Antoinette, queen of France, and several copper panels by the Flemish painter Frank depicting the life of Jesus, which originate from the Royal Chapel of the Palace of Versailles; an 85 cm-high monstrance made of gold-plated silver and richly set with precious stones, and much more.


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