With a group ticket, one person in ten travels free of charge.

The international tourist ticket for groups is a return ticket that is valid for two days and allows passengers to break their journey at one intermediate stop on the outward section and one on the return section. Intermediate stops are optional.

The price includes the seat booking fee, but does not include the scenic supplement (€ 1.50 / Fr. 1.50).

Group tickets can currently only be purchased from the ticket offices in Domodossola and Locarno.

- Centovalli comprises the stops between Camedo and Ponte Brolla
- Valle Vigezzo comprises the stops between Masera and Re
- Places for groups in 1st class are limited

Route 2nd Class 1st Class
Domodossola – Locarno
Locarno - Domodossola
€ 28.00 / Fr. 29.00   € 38.00 / Fr. 39.00
Domodossola - Centovalli
Centovalli - Domodossola
€ 22.00 / Fr. 23.00 € 31.00 / Fr. 32.00
Valle Vigezzo – Locarno
Locarno - Valle Vigezzo
€ 22.00 / Fr. 23.00   € 31.00 / Fr. 32.00
Valle Vigezzo - Centovalli
Centovalli - Valle Vigezzo
€ 19.00 / Fr. 20.00   € 27.00 / Fr. 28.00

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Special subsidies and arrangements

Children under 6 years old travel free of charge and only pay the booking fee if they occupy a seat.

Children between 6 and 15 years old, there is a 50% discount on ticket prices. Booking fees and scenic supplements must be paid in full.

Dogs and small pets (height at withers of up to 30 cm) travel free of charge. Larger dogs travel with a 50% discount on the ticket price. Muzzles are compulsory in Italy. A carrier is sufficient for smaller dogs.

GA/FVP, day travelcards and Swiss Travel Pass allow for free travel, although seat booking fees and any scenic supplements still apply.

½-Price/FVP, Junior card and Accompanied Children card: not accepted.

Ticino Tickets can be used for free travel on the Locarno – Camedo section and entitle the holder to a 10% discount on Camedo – Domodossola tickets (purchased from the FART ticket office in Locarno).

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