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Intragna and baking bread in a traditional oven

Train journey and guided tour of the bell tower and the Regional Museum of Centovalli and Terre di Pedemonte.

Going to markets

The markets of Valle Vigezzo, reachable by train!

Getting to know edible herbs

You can discover edible herbs according to the season.

Domodossola and Vagna

This route takes you through superb countryside and invites you to discover rural life

Termali Salini & Spa

An ideal place to switch off and spend a day in a relaxed atmosphere

Ponte Brolla - Tegna

From the Ponte Brolla gorge to the ruins of the Castelliere di Tegna

Villette climbing park

A true paradise for climbing enthusiasts, where you can enjoy a glorious panorama in a superb sunny location

Museo Comico and Casa del Clown

A visit that gives you a glimpse of a world where laughter and humour play the central role

The Vigezzo Valley Museums

Let yourself be enchanted by the regional museums, small pearls that will project you into the history and traditions