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Food and wine route

Between Domodossola, Masera, Trontano and the villages of the Vigezzo Valley, a food and wine trail will unravel in summer 2024!

Yesterday, today and tomorrow: two special exhibitions

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: two special exhibitions will be staged in Val Vigezzo in spring 2023 and summer 2024!

Other Events

Many other events will dialogue with the railway line's birthday!

Concerts of 20th century music

The music of the 20th century will be a valuable thread from spring to autumn 2023 and beyond!

FART initiatives

The festivities on the Swiss side will officially start on 25 November 2023 with a twelve-month journey!

Special exhibition dedicated to the theme of travel

During the coming winter, Santa Maria Maggiore will host a special exhibition dedicated to the theme of travel!

Swing the world

A project designed to show corners of our territory that are absolutely worth discovering and enjoying!

Places of art in the Locarno region

A new and unprecedented project that unites public and private entities and is based on a feeling of cohesion and collaboration.

Camellia Park Locarno

The beautiful Camellia Park in Locarno was inaugurated in March 2005 on the occasion of the World Congress of the International Camellia Society (ICS).