Trova l'esperienza che fa per te

Praudina Adventure Park

The ideal destination for families seeking fun activities in the countryside

Winepress and mills route

The route combines history and nature, through small villages, across forests and along river

Trontano, Parpinasca and Valgrande

Three stages for getting to know the history, countryside and rural customs

Saturday market in Domodossola

A must for anyone who likes shopping and handicrafts and is not averse to culinary delights

Ponte Brolla - Tegna

Dalle gole di Ponte Brolla alle rovine del Castelliere di Tegna

Maggia River

Why not combine a panorama trip on board our trains with a pleasant river walk?

The circuit of the saints

A network of routes that encompasses the entire Vigezzo Valley

Villette climbing park

A true paradise for climbing enthusiasts, where you can enjoy a glorious panorama in a superb sunny location

Via del Mercato from Re

You can embark on the Via del Mercato towards Camedo or in the opposite direction towards Masera from Re