The snow cellar of Bordei

On the trail from Palagnedra to the summit of Monte Gridone, around fifteen minutes on foot from Bordei, is the only known snow cellar (“nevéra”) in Centovalli. It is located in a natural hollow which was formed from a landslide and has a constant temperature of 4 degrees all year round.

In contrast to traditional snow cellars, the ones in Bordei were not all filled with snow in the winter months. The constantly cold air flows underground were sufficient to keep the temperatures low enough to conserve foodstuffs all year round. The grotto therefore makes a very good cellar with unusual natural temperature conditions.

The snow cellar has been carefully renovated and can now be accessed and viewed via a set of metal steps. A visit offers a welcome chance to cool off, particularly in the summer months, and this is an experience not to be missed.

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