Buttogno is surrounded by forests and has two sides: on the one hand, rural farmsteads, going uphill, and on the other side, elegant residences with large gardens, descending into the valley.

The agricultural buildings with their stables and stone constructions, fit in with splendid elegant dwellings, such as the house of the painter Lorenzo Peretti.

In the centre of the village is the visitor centre for the Val Grande National Park. This is a useful source of information for anyone wishing to explore the national park and its primeval countryside.

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"Sentieri e Pensieri"course

The 26 posts, distributed in the centre of Santa Maria Maggiore and in the two villages of Crana and Buttogno

Trontano, Parpinasca and Valgrande

Trontano, Parpinasca and Valgrande

Three stages for getting to know the history, countryside and rural customs

Val Grande National Park

Val Grande National Park

Un endroit véritablement magique dans lequel la nature s’épanouit sans aucune contrainte. La superficie de 15 000 hectares est protégée des montagnes